Individual Assistance Form

The Morningday Member Assistance Program awards vouchers/shopping credit for products from our warehouses to nonprofit organizations working to meet critical community needs in South Florida.

Please complete the Individual Assistance Application Form below.


Individual Assistance is available for agencies in need of support for the immediate needs of their clients. Examples include, but are not limited to:

● xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

● xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

● xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Agencies requesting Individual Assistance may apply for support on behalf of their clients any time throughout the year. Applications are reviewed and applicants are notified of award status within 48 hours.

Vouchers of up to $200 (which can provide a total product value of more than $650) will be awarded per client. Individual Assistance awards must be used during a single visit to either of our locations, within 30 days of receipt. Clients MUST be accompanied by a representative of the MCS Member organization applying on their behalf in order to redeem their voucher.

Assistance Criteria:

● Applicants must be a member of Morningday Community Solutions in order to apply for support through the Morningday Member Assistance Program.

● Assistance must be used for the direct benefit of a client (or clients) of the organization applying for this support program.